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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 21, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at good morning, america. and this morning, white christmas? a new storm moves into the west right now. up to a foot of snow expected today. and more extreme weather to come. will your holiday travel plans be in jeopardy? sam is tracking it all. santa bounce. an early present for our economy. stocks are soaring. housing bouncing back. and shoppers are opening up our wallets. are the good times finally back for the holidays? the fighting prince. harry gets ready to exchange, a tux for a uniform. heading back to the front lines in afghanistan. why he says he can't wait to get back in the fight. trashed. teens causing mindless destruction in mob after mob. taking down entire stores, throwing products off shelves. why catching it on camera is backfiring for so many of them right now.
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i love the shot coming up. >> it is great. no question about it. good morning, everyone. a whole lot to get to this morning. another new twist in the presidential race just 12 days before the first votes in iowa. could this be the new front-runner in iowa? ron paul, he's been dismissed by the gop establishment. but many believe he could win in iowa and shake up the race. we'll take a closer look. >> when you and diane were at the debates a couple weeks ago, he was so well received. >> huge cheers every time he spoke. >> you just said his name. and he got a huge cheer. also the latest on two cases we're tracking. new details on that 19-year-old missing college student in kansas. and that toddler, who vanished in maine. her father speaking out for the first time. nancy grace going to be weighing in. going to have a little fun, too. a look back at 2011. look at that.
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josh -- he's feeding sam doritos there. just one of the great moments we had. >> we have a megayear-ender that we cannot wait to share with you. we'll do that in our 8:00 hour. >> that is all coming up. we're going to begin with the winter storms. sam here to tell us what to expect as we hit the road for the holidays. >> good morning, everyone. there's a couple of trouble spots today. one of them, you take a look here. 2 days ago, 48 hours ago, this storm wasn't forecast. now, denver will get six to eight inches of snow in the entire front range of the rockies. this is left of yesterday's blizzard, as he pulls in the eastern seaboard. this will be a problem in the form of rain and slowing down travel. here's your road travel today. the snow in the mountains and the front ranges. all over the southeast, the eastern half of the nation, getting showers. there's two trouble spots you don't see. look at kansas. they're still cleaning up after the blizzard moved through the area. they had to do snow rescues last night, because folks were stranded, and there's snow on
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the ground. and fog this morning in chicagoland. we have three-quarters mile visibility. if this fog persists into the morning hour, then we'll definitely have some slowdowns going on there. the big deal, remember we were talking about, there could be a coastal storm moving our way. this looks like it's all of a rainmaker thursday into friday. it will be very heavy rain. in some case, we're talking about two inches of rain toward the atlanta area. so an awful lot of wet roads on the eastern mav of the nation. and a brand-new snowmaker in the west. robin? george? >> sam, thanks. josh is here. a lot of news out of north korea this morning. >> it's breaking out of north korea. word that a power-sharing deal has been reached in the wake of dictator kim jong-il's death. it comes as tens of thousands of people continue to take to the streets of the north korean capital today, mourning the loss of the man they call their dear leader. who will take charge of this reclusive, nuclear nation? abc's david wright is just across the border in south korea, with the overnight developments. good morning to you, david.
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>> reporter: good morning, josh. he's not yet 30 years old. he's an unknown on the world stage. and yet, he has his finger on the nuclear button. what do we have to be worried about? it's not clear if kim jong-un is going to be anything more than a figure head. "world news" is quoting chinese sources today saying that the north korean military will share power with them. today, north korea's new dictator looked very much the man in charge. greeting foreign diplomats. and styled to look like a young version of his grandfather. kim jong-un is the third son of kim jong-il and clearly the favorite. september 2009 was his official coming-out party, reviewing the troops, heir apparent. for friends who knew him as a schoolboy in switzerland, it was a shock. >> i saw a picture and i can't believe it. >> it's a strange feeling in the stomach, to know a guy who could use a nuclear bomb. >> reporter: as marco imhoff told al-jazeera exclusively, his classmates knew him by a
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different name. a shy kid, his favorite song, was "brother louie," by modern talking. kim jong-un was also passionate about nba basketball, especially michael jordan. >> quiet guy, but when we played basketball, he came up, he could be very aggressive, but in a positive way, and loud. a little bit of trash-talk. >> reporter: to some korea watchers, that international experience is a huge plus. >> he speaks some english. he speaks some german. and he knows far more about the outside world than either his father or his grandfather ever did. >> reporter: but plenty of others have their doubts. >> kim jong-un has a huge learning curve. he's only been prepared for this for about two years. >> reporter: his two older half-brothers were passed over to make room for him. and interestingly, they haven't been seen for months.
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and the mystery of their whereabouts has a lot of people speculating what might have happened to them. josh? >> david wright, in seoul, south korea. thank you for that. meanwhile, chinese hacker who struck again, this time breaking into computer servers at the u.s. chamber of commerce, a top lobbying group with 1 million members. at one point, the wall street journal reports, a printer used by an executive actually started printing chinese characters. meanwhile, on capitol hill, neither side is budging in the fight whether to extend that payroll tax cut. if it's allowed to expire december 31st, working americans will lose an average of $40 from each paycheck. president obama is urging house republicans to compromise. they want the tax cut extended for a year, but the senate only extended it for two months and is refusing to return for more negotiations. investigators in new jersey, working to recover pieces of a small plane that crashed right there, on a busy highway, killing five people and two children onboard. witnesses say the plane spiralled out of control not long after controllers had
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warned about icy conditions in the area. finally, santa claus may have come to town a bit early. he, though, was right on time for a driver near dallas. take a look. brad was in full costume when he pulled a man from that burning truck just before it exploded. and then, started to direct traffic around the crash. the former firefighter was actually in full regalia, on his way to deliver toys to some needy children and just happened to be in the right place at the right time. you can't make this stuff up, nor should i. it is, after all, the news. robin? >> is that going to be your new tag line or something? >> not made up. >> after all, it is the news. all right, you two. let's turn, now, to the stock market. can't make this up, either. a surge on tuesday, of 3%. up more than 300 points. what's driving the big bounce? let's bring in bloomberg television anchor, trish regan. congratulations at the new position. >> i'm excited. thanks so much.
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it's a terrific opportunity. it's really a fantastic group of people. we have a dynamic team on "street smart," a show 3:00 to 5:00, every day, the closing bell. i'm thrilled. >> good. and you are thrilled by what we saw yesterday. >> finally, some good news. >> you come by, we're like, trish is here. what's going on? >> usually, the kiss of death. today, it's good. >> the housing market, on the rise. >> on the rise. and think about this. this is the biggest investment of someone's life. they're now willing to go out and make that investment. so, this is a very good sign. it shows you there's some confidence out there on behalf of the american consumer. and confidence means you get more good news down the road. and you start to see these little bits of good news. and hopefully, it means that it's some momentum that can continue. >> and retailers are really excited. the last few weeks, people have been coming out for the holiday sales. >> that's another big surprise here. people were very worried about this holiday shopping season. and yet, the consumer showing up. they're buying.
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the question is, will this continue as we move into the new year? will they still have the money to spend? a lot of this is going to hinge on jobs. >> that's true. we'll talk about that in a moment. something you also discuss a lot here, europe. and right now, encouraging news yesterday. but you're still a little cautious. >> yeah. that's the wild card. we're starting to see some glimmer of hope there. spain was actually able to take on some debt that it wanted to take on at a lower interest rate. usually creditors are saying, no, no, i don't want to go near spain. spain really scares me right now. and yesterday, we saw they had more of an appetite for it. that was a good sign for europe. however, it is a wild card. if europe goes into a severe recession, it's only a matter of time before it catches up with us because it's our biggest trading partner. >> a real ripple effect when that happens. j-o-b. we saw 43 states adding jobs in november.
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>> this is a good sign. this is what it hinges on, right? you have to have a job if you're going to be spending some money. so, if this can continue, and there's a school of thought out there, robin, i'll warn you. a lot of people think, maybe this is temporary. we're seeing improvement because of the seasonal hiring. if this can continue, we're going to get on the right track. >> all right. well, thank you for the straight talk, trish. >> you bet. >> congratulations again. >> thanks a lot. appreciate it. let's get to george. >> to politics, your voice, your vote. and with less than two weeks before the first votes in iowa, the race for the republican nomination is harder to read than ever. with newt gingrich fading under heavy fire, there's signs that perennial outsider ron paul could actually win in iowa. john berman has more on what's going on. what that could mean for the race. john, at this point, everyone's been on top in iowa. >> reporter: the question is, whose turn will it be next? and the real buzz this morning, as you mentioned, the possibility that ron paul could be the winner there. but new polling this morning
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shows how difficult his path after iowa might be. he might be 76. >> very nice. >> reporter: you could tell, he was feeling the mojo. albeit a ron paul type of mojo. >> i say get the government out of everybody's life. >> reporter: this libertarian, who wants to abolish medicare, who opposes almost all foreign intervention, but wants to legalize drugs, knows he has a shot in iowa. why? he told abc's jon karl, it's his supporters. >> they're very sincere and true believers. and they're going to be there. and they're not going to be sent away because the wind is blowing. >> reporter: a small army of young, committed disciples. but the problem, a bigger army, that's not fighting. in a new abc news poll, just 32% view him favorably. 35%, unfavorably. in 51% of republicans, his own
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party don't think he has the temperament and character to serve. his for-real status is raising questions about a newsletter he sent out in the '90s, with incendiary language. calling martin luther king day, hate whitey day. >> i didn't write it, and i disavow those messages or whatever was written. >> reporter: if he did win the caucuses, it could torpedo newt gingrich for good and help mitt romney, who has fewer obstacles in new hampshire. overnight, gingrich lashed out at rommy. saying he couldn't control millions of dollars of negative ads being run by pro-romney backers. >> you know what makes barack obama happy? newt gingrich's baggage. >> it's his people, running his ads, doing his dirty work. >> reporter: if romney doesn't speak up? >> let it be clear, that mitt romney will have failed again as a leader. >> reporter: more news overnight, word that gary
7:13 am
johnson, the former republican governor of new mexico will run as a third-party libertarian. well, if ron paul would run as a third party libertarian, which he hasn't ruled out, our poll shows it would be a huge boost for president obama. >> have to get through the caucuses and primaries first. as you said, it's also scrambled in iowa. we saw rick santorum, the former senator of pennsylvania, campaigning in every county, all 99 counties yesterday. he got two endorsements from major christian conservative leaders in iowa. >> social conservatives make up a huge voting block in iowa. if they ever were to coalesce around one candidate at the end, it could make a difference on january 3rd. which is why you see rick santorum, michele bachmann. and rick perry campaigning right now. rick perry even changed the name on his bus tour from get america working again, to faith, jobs and freedom. as you mention, the candidate who can claim the most momentum or santorentum, as he calls it. as rick santorum, picking up key
7:14 am
endorsements. insiders say, if someone is going to outperform the polls, it might be rick santorum. >> okay, john berman, thanks so much. >> still so wide-open, guys. now, to the search of the 20-month-old toddler in maine. ayla reynolds vanished over the weekend. and for the first time, her father is speaking out. abc's linsey davis has the latest. >> reporter: the father of missing toddler ayla reynolds isn't just speaking out, he's firing back. i have no idea what happened to ayla or who's responsible, he writes in a statement released overnight. i will not make accusations or insinuations towards anyone, until the police have been able to prove who is responsible. until now, all we knew of justin dipietro's story was through police. that on friday night, he put his 20-month-old daughter to bed. and in the morning, she was gone. trista reynolds said she was concerned about ayla's safety at dipietro's house. she says the last time she saw ayla, she had unexplained bruises on her thighs.
7:15 am
in an exclusive interview with "gma" on sunday, she says she and dipietro have not spoken since the toddler's disappearance. >> i've had no contact with him. he's had no contact with me. all i know is he's the last man to see my daughter. and all i want to know is where she is. >> reporter: but in what appears to be a classic case of he says/she says, dipietro writes, contrary to some statements floating around out there, i've been in communication with ayla's mother over the last couple weeks. the waterville police have the transcripts of my home phone conversations of those communications. in a statement, dipietro does not address the accusations of child abuse. but says he has, quote, shared every piece of information possible with the police. investigators say both of ayla's parents are cooperating. meantime, tuesday, police continued their search for ayla, draining a section of stream near the home where she was last seen. >> the fbi is conducting that canvassing of the neighborhood. actually knocking on door-to-door, talking to folks.
7:16 am
>> reporter: police have received more than 100 leads so far. but no clues as to what happened to ayla. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, waterville, maine. and nancy grace will be here in our next half hour to weigh in. time for a check of the weather with sam. >> good morning, everybody. robin, george. this is interesting. the blizzard of the west didn't even get to the denver area. but a snow system to two days ago the forecast models didn't pick up. if your friends in the west haven't watched the weather in two days, they don't know they're going to get snow overnight. it's going to be six to eight inches. and in some cases, a foot of snow. from billings, to cheyenne, to denver, to pueblo. santa fe, albuquerque all involved in these watches and warnings in that system in the west. the next one, and here comes two lows. one that makes some rain up and down the eastern seaboard. and overnight tonight, during the day tomorrow, the second low with even heavier rain develops. a soaking time in the southeast. and part of the east coast is going to be very wet for a
7:17 am
couple days.
7:18 am
>> here's my grinch moment. if you're not one of the folks who got snow yesterday or today, you're probably not going to get a white christmas. the board is just warm and dry. i know. boo, hiss. >> boy. that was a real downer. >> sorry, george. now, to prince harry. the dapper royal in a tux. he wore it on the red carpet this week. but he's getting ready to trade it in for his uniform and some body armor. nick watt has the latest on that. hey, nick. >> reporter: that's right. prince harry is heading back to fight in afghanistan. he let it slip at an awards dinner. he got overexcited and whispered to his dinner mates that he cannot wait to get back into the action. the adrenaline junkie will return to the war zone in the cockpit of an apache attack helicopter. >> there will be nothing
7:19 am
different about the way that harry's treated out there. that would almost certainly mean he will be called on to attack the taliban. >> reporter: his last tour of afghanistan was on foot. calling in air strikes. he's a high-value target. and so, the media agreed to keep it a secret. but eventually, his cover was blown. and harry was whisked out of the war zone. he's been itching to return ever since. this time, he will be safe, up in the air. on an arctic expedition to raise money for injured soldiers, prince harry spoke to our own bob woodruff about his return. >> i did what i did three years ago. and the media said, if you go back again, you have to do something different. i will fly helicopters. and i jump to it. it's basically your fault i have to do it. >> are you going to be in a position where you're going to have to probably kill? >> potentially. but, you know, a job's a job. you know? and that's all i'm going to say on that. >> reporter: meanwhile, william, a search and rescue pilot, will head to the south atlantic in january, for a six-week tour in the falkland islands.
7:20 am
>> he said to me, he is worried he's going to get bored out there. he hopes he's going to be busy. i'm sure william would love to be in afghanistan. it's not going to happen for william. he's second in line to the throne. >> reporter: kate and william, also at the military awards. >> she stole the show for us. she was just sensational. >> reporter: kate wore alexander mcqueen. look familiar? it's a lot like the stunning dress that diana wore for her first official engagement 30 years ago. but my picture of the day is not kate. it's the good, old queen, getting on a train. a normal train. trying to prove she's a normal person, which, of course, she isn't. george, robin, the other passengers must have choked on their tea and biscuits. >> i'll bet they did. look at that picture. thanks very much. coming up on "gma," new details on the college student who vanished after leaving her sister a chilling voicemail. plus, teen mobs trashing stores. why they're filming themselves doing it. and how it's getting them in big trouble right now. big
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harassed from november 2010 to january of this year. the suit also accuses the warriors of covering up for ellis. >> it is going well, chp did issue a fog advisory for the benicia bridge recently. no delays at the bay bridge toll, slow berkeley westbound 80 because after earlier crash. brake lights southbound 101 in san rafael. look at how great it looks 101 san jose and across the go tpwfpl bridge. >> the air today. details on the weather
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hazy from emeryville to is -- san francisco. poorest air quality in the north bay right now in vallejo and san jose possibly freezing fog in the east and north bay valleys temperatures at freezing 28 santa rosa watch out for that the next hour or so. mid to upper 50s the rest of
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saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. oh, my gosh. he was eerie. my heart is like pounding. i never got this scared in my life. pick up your phone. i'm freaked out right now. >> she left that voicemail for her sister on friday. police are puzzled. we have nancy grace standing by to weigh in on the case. good to see you. this is a puzzler. >> she will also weigh in on the toddler that's missing in maine we talked about in the first half hour. and why these teens are trashing stores and posting them online. we have more fun video right now. take a look at this right now. remember it?
7:31 am
robin as e.t. one of our favorite moments from 2011. we have a lot more. >> hang in there. not so high. not so high. >> i love watching that. robin wants that to come down now. >> just beware. there's still more time. we can have some outtakes from you, too. >> i know we've got plenty coming. i refuse to watch the screeners. we'll see. >> all part of our year-ending. we're going to begin this half hour with the missing college student from kansas. police continue to search for aisha khan, after a confrontation with a drunk man on campus. andrea canning has the details. >> reporter: this mystery is deepening. 65 police officers, along with fbi agents, have logged 400 man hours in the search for aisha. but investigators have more
7:32 am
questions than answers. little more is known than what's revealed in that eerie voice message. in his first sitdown interview since his wife, aisha cann disappeared five days ago, he says he is hopeful he will be reunited with his bride of just five months. >> aisha, if you're listening to this, we love you a lot. and we're doing everything to get you back home safely. >> good afternoon. >> reporter: police tell abc news, they are treating the case as an abduction, looking for any motive why someone could have taken the 19-year-old. the community college student disappeared friday, after leaving this disturbing voicemail message on her sister's phone. >> oh, my gosh. he was so scary. my heart is like pounding. i've never got this scared in my life. pick up your phones. i am freaked out right now. >> reporter: on the message, khan says an intoxicated man confronted her when she was studying. when khan didn't answer her calls, her sister and cousin
7:33 am
went looking for her. they found her backpack and phone on a picnic table. but she was nowhere to be found. >> something happened. either someone lured her away or she ran away on her own. >> reporter: investigators are asking the family, devout muslims, if her marriage to waseem was arranged against her will. >> she would not run away. she was happy with her life, with her new marriage. there wouldn't be a reason she would want to run away. >> reporter: khan's husband believes someone is holding her. >> let her go. you have the power to let her go. and i would completely forgive you if you let her go. >> reporter: her mother's only concern, khan's safe return. >> i'm just hoping that the bell rings and i'll see her. and the phone rings. she'll be right in front of my eyes. that's what i'm dreaming about. >> reporter: for now, all her family has to hold on to is that last voicemail message. >> my heart is like ponding.
7:34 am
i never got this scared in my life. >> reporter: the khan family gathered tuesday at a local hotel to discuss their next move. they've offered a $10,000 reward for information. prayers and support have been flooding in from all corners. but it's essentially a waiting game for them now. >> thank you. i'm with nancy grace. even when the police seem conflicted. they are looking at it as a missing person's case. but they're putting in the resources of an abduction. >> that's very common. it's a parallel investigation. they would be derelict in their duty if they were not doing that. it's never good for parents to hear they're also investigating a homicide. but you have to. there's so many disturbing elements here. number one, this is the university of kansas, edwards campus. it's a satellite, like a junior college. there's only about 2,000 students here. this was during final exams. so, you would not have
7:35 am
professors. if you look at the picnic bench where she's sitting. and it's 40 degrees outside. why she's sitting outside, unless there's a smoker. and there's no evidence of that. why would she be sitting out in 40-degree weather studying. but it's almost in a little quad building. no one saw anything out those windows? but remember, no regular classes. the faculty probably wasn't all there. here's the deal, george. either we don't have the facts. or police are not searching in the right place because if this was a homeless, drunk person, do you imagine that the construction workers around him did not see him dragging her fa physically away. and there weren't that many women wearing a hijab. >> we don't have the security tapes. >> i have more in my apartment than they do in this whole place. >> at the same time, she says --
7:36 am
when she's talking to her sister on the voicemail, she says, this is so scary. but her voice is kind of flat. >> you're a voice analyst now? >> no. i'm asking you the question. >> a lot of people think she sounded calm there. i agree. i can't gauge her. why didn't she call campus security? why did she go back to the area? if a man had accosted me, i wouldn't have walked right back out there. maybe she thought he was gone and went to get her purse. we don't have the facts. but if you look at the setup of where she was sitting in a suburban area, he would have had to drag her forcibly to bushes or a car. if it's a car, he's no longer homeless and we don't have the facts. a lot of emphasis has been placed on an arranged marriage. i don't know if i want to drag the husband in right now. >> what do you think happened here? >> well, it would be an elaborate ruse on her part if
7:37 am
all of this was staged. but i think you've got two alternatives. either she is dead and in that very small area. or she was not telling the truth. those are the two alternatives. >> before you leave, let's talk about ayla reynolds. that missing toddler. >> sick about it, george. >> you saw her father come out last night. >> i saw her father give a written statement to somebody else to read. yeah. that's what i heard. i'm concerned. i don't see the mother or the father pounding the pavement or issuing public pleas. but i know this. she was put to bed around 8:00 p.m. around 9:00 a.m., they go, she's gone. george, there were two infants in that room. how could they both sleep through the night, 12 hours, with nobody noticing one was gone? i have a problem with that. a big problem. >> okay. we'll be following it, as well. nancy grace. let's get the weather from sam. >> good morning, everyone. there's good news/bad news for
7:38 am
the southwest. the good news is, there's a warming trend going on. the bad news, it comes with the santa ana winds. that could kick up to 60, 70-mile-per-hour winds. 66 in oceanside. san diego, to 61. santa barbara, about 60 degrees. in the weekend, we could see numbers around 70 degrees in that same area. and in comes this front. and in the southeast, this is a real problem for about two days. today, showers are along the front. look at this low that develops later on today into tonight. this really enhances and picks up more moisture. it's a more soaking rain situation for tomorrow than it is even today. and we're just not going to get rid of it from today, all the way through tomorrow. so, showery today, even the chance of thunderstorms.
7:39 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by subway. george? >> thank you, sam. coming up attention shoppers, why teens are trashing stores and racing online to show off their destruction.r you're g from the sidelines... [ male announcer ] start with a breakfast at subway that can't be beat. like the protein-powerhouse steak, bacon, egg & cheese. mwah!! [ male announcer ] tackle a fresh toasted subway steak melt today. rush in and get your flavor on. subway. where winners eat. [ male announcer ] only subway has a deal this flat-out delicious -- the $3 flatbread breakfast combo. a toasty flatbread breakfast sandwich and a 16-ounce cup of seattle's best coffee or 21-ounce fountain drink. all for only $3. or 21-ounce fountain drink.
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7:43 am
and they post the video online. weekend anchor, dan harris, is here with more on this growing trend. and this is a -- it's a head-scratcher. what? >> high-level, sophisticated thinking. welcome to teenage delinquency in the age of the internet. not only can they engage in mindless destruction. but they can also share with the entire world. diving into stacks of cereal at the supermarket. hurling themselves into boxes of kiddie trucks at the toy store. and blowing over an entire luggage display. systemically sweeping products off of shelves. punching out justin bieber. and belly-flopping over book shelves. even hen these teens are confronted by employees in tampa, florida, they appear utterly unfazed. >> you can't ride your
7:44 am
skateboard in the store. >> all right. >> let me have it, please. give me the skateboard. >> reporter: this particular brand of mayhem creation seems to be a trend. people filming themselves disrushing stores and getting hundreds of thousands, even millions of views. and generating positive comments like, lol, so funny. here it is in a british supermarket. and here, in a walmart, featuring a smiling, young man in a wheelchair. >> once you have online video, it's not just about bragging rights and notoriety. now, you're getting bragging rights and notoriety on a global basis. >> reporter: this follows on other crimes fast-fueled on the internet. like ghost riding the whip, where people dance next to moving cars. to flash mobs, where young people, organized via social networks, overwhelm store clerks with group shoplifting sprees. >> these kids are just a bunch of punks.
7:45 am
>> reporter: the problem with courting internet fame with video of your exploits, is it can get you unwanted attention from the police. as is now happening with those teenagers in tampa. >> there wasn't damage done to the property, you're looking at criminal mischief. >> reporter: police are investigating. and reportedly, they have one of the names of the teens involved. i'm sure the kids will be less giddy when they have the cops at their front door. >> i certainly hope so. we were talking offcamera saying, no excuses whatsoever. the teen mind, especially with boys. >> it's a black box. hard to understand what's going on in there. >> amen to that. dan harris, thank you. coming up, josh has "the play of the day." we can't forget this one. this is how we welcomed josh to "good morning america." we have our favorite and funniest moments of the year, just ahead. i couldn't sleep right. next day it took forever to get going. night after night, i sat up. sprayed up.
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z. watch. that's the magic touch right there. >> i love it. >> watch the cat. p knowing how cool he is. yeah, yeah. >> yeah. 6. >> but do they still do that to us? >> he's a cat. a big cat. >> no, it's just a baby. >> i love that.
7:51 am
>> what else do you have for me? m bring it on. >> so we shall. >> bring it on. coming up next. a look back. come on. come on. on yahoo! for the 1-2, 1-2-3-4 ♪
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oh, yeah. wild and wacky world of "gma" in pictures. what a year it has been. we're going to celebrate the highlights, show you everything
7:56 am
you may have missed. and so much more. coming up. stay with us. now let's take a look at the weather. we have tule fog invading the east bay valleys. radiation fog in the north bay valleys creating visibilities that are very low possibility of black ice in the next half hour or so upper 20s in the north bay valleys. mid to upper 50s east bay rest of us low to mid 60s freezing cold again tonight. the chp has vice drivers of fog across the -- has advised drivers of fog across the benicia. we'll take you outside and show you live shot bay bridge
7:57 am
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8:00 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] go, alicia keys. remember her playing out here, military island. uh-huh. that's it, right there. ♪ new york >> this half hour, we're going to look back on all the fun. it was -- just some of the stuff you saw this past year, right here. eric stonestreet. you remember that? >> sexiest man, you say? for real? oh, wow. >> and then, sam, with burt. >> i forgot about that. >> i did, too.
8:01 am
>> oh, goodness, gracious. >> where did you go, sam? >> we cannot wait to show you -- >> oh, yeah. >> -- our best moments. if nothing else, we're going to amuse ourselves. >> we are. we're going to have a good time with all of that. also, four shopping days left until christmas. not too late to get last-minute "steals and deals." there we go. tory johnson here, half-off for "gma" viewers. >> if you're a major procrastinator, this is a must-save. really good ideas. also, an unforgettable "show me the money." there it is. the punch p-. our team revealing unclaimed cash a mother and daughter never knew they had. what you can learn from their big payout. >> it is a big check. first, let's get some news with josh. >> we're going to go back to north korea. we begin with the intriguing development overnight. reports that kim jong-il's successor, his young son, kim jong-un, has agreed to share power with the north korean military. today, tens of thousands of people packed the main square in the capital, pyongyang, to mourn the loss of the man they called their dear leader.
8:02 am
the faa announced new rules requiring airline pilots to get ten hours of rest before flight, two more than previously required. the changes were prompted by that crash near buffalo back in 2009, that killed 50 people. investigators had found the captain had experienced chronic sleep loss. meanwhile, another seismic shift in the race for the republican presidential nomination. polls showing that ron paul is on a roll. in position to, perhaps, stage an upset and win the iowa caucuses. that could be a fatal blow to newt gingrich's campaign. this morning, gingrich is lashing out at mitt romney, saying he can control the millions of dollars in negative ads being run by his supporters. and the word of the day in washington, stalemate. and it could end up shrinking your paycheck. the senate is refusing to negotiate with house republicans who want to extend a payroll tax cut for a full year. with no new agreement, it will expire on december 31st. meaning, the typical american
8:03 am
will lose about $40 from each paycheck. an army veteran, with ties to a white supremacy group, has been sentenced to 32 years in prison, for planting a powerful bomb along the route of a martin luther king day parade in washington state. kevin harpham wrapped the bomb with shrapnel and rat poisoning. it was found and safely before it could be detonated. there's no snow in florida. so, santa found another way to get around. by boat. he joined children for a fishing trip, sponsored by the make-a-wish foundation. santa said some of the kids don't tell him what's on their christmas list. they're satisfied just spending time with him. >> so cool. >> thank you, josh. pop news. let's get right to it. if you're a fan of "the hobbit," listen up. it's been eight years since the last "lord of the rings film." and finally, peter jackson has released a tantalizing trailer for the prequels.
8:04 am
martin freeman, remember him from "the office"? he will take the lead as a young bilbo baggins. while the trailer looks absolutely spectacular, production has been dogged by setbacks. and has not turned off fans, though. the trailer has received 250,000 views and counting in less than 12 hours. and it doesn't even come out until a year from -- >> i'm going to watch it another 250,000 times. >> it's that good? >> cannot wait for that. >> the movies are really good. do you remember? i was at "gma" last time when the films were huge. and i remember covering the oscars. they were all dressed up outside the theater. these fans love it. so, also -- >> i can't wait. >> yeah. are you going to wear a little -- >> maybe not going that far. >> well, now, he is. all right. we want to get to this viral video that everybody has been watching. it's the life of the modern woman. only the modern woman is being
8:05 am
played by a 3-year-old. she's at work. she's bringing home the bacon. she is yelling at people on her blackberry. >> hey. >> that's grape juice, i'm sure. and of course, after relaxing, she collapses in bed with a good book. it was a final project for a university of missouri's student. she cast her friend's daughter. 230,000 hits online and counting. for the sequel, maybe a pgno? girl's night out? >> there you go. >> a big, big hit online. also in pop news, justin bieber getting into the holiday spirit, by giving back. we love that, biebs. he visited a las vegas elementary school and performed a little concert for the kids. of his new christmas music. he also made a huge donation to the school. then, he handed out nearly $100,000 in more gifts to the students themselves, many of whom are homeless. and remember, you can catch, this is justin bieber, a special
8:06 am
tonight on hlc. and sam and i received -- we received tweets from a viewer who made an interesting observation. writing, ever notice josh looks like a grown-up justin bieber? >> wow, good. check it out. what do you think? >> look at that. not at all. but, hey. that's just me. >> sam wrote back, laughing so hard, i can't breathe. >> thanks, sam. appreciate that. where are you? >> he's already outside. >> i'm right here. >> i'm looking at you, champion. >> i'm looking at you, josh. >> wait. i have one more. there's more. >> we'll now call you joshtin. >> joshtin is what we'll call you now, according to sam. joshtin. >> that will be great, too. lastly, youtube users played over 1 trillion times on the website this year. which videos were the most-watched? according to their year-end wrap, it was rebecca black's "friday." can you believe it? more than 179 million views. >> good for her. >> i love this one. andy samberg and michael
8:07 am
bolton's spoof "jack sparrow." that was the third highest. what was the second in remember the ultimate dog tease? 74 million people have gotten a kick out of this guy. listen up. >> the maple kind. yeah. i took that out. and i thought -- yeah. it looks like that. me. so, i ate it. >> no! >> we love him. >> i haven't seen that in so long. >> of course, i never -- >> so funny. >> and everybody, that is "pop news." >> that's good. sam? >> thanks. it is a huge crowd again in times square. tell me your names. >> sidney. >> i love this with the boxes. are you ready? can you flip them? two, three. very nice and even more. it's just a two-hour show. i can't read all this. let's get over here. it's who's birthday? your birthday? tell me your name. happy birthday to you. >> thank you.
8:08 am
>> and more signs over -- i've just got -- now, we'll get to the boards because we've got live shots all over the country to talk about, as well. in chicagoland, you have a little bit of fog going on this morning. earlier this morning, the roads looked a little heavier in fog. and reporting stations around the chicagoland area are showing fog from zero miles to two-mile visibility. so far those airports have not showed a slowdown. memphis has a 46-minute delay. philly has a 38-minute delay right now. some airports do have delays. just be aware of that if you're traveling today. in comes a shot of cold air. just like every other shot so far we've seen, this the a very shallow punch of cold air that doesn't last long at all. atlanta, 66 degrees and wet today. friends have been tweeting us saying, it's been really rainy in pensacola. there's more rain today and tomorrow. hi, joshtin. >> all right. just so we're clear, sam. it's not just her birthday. she wants a big, new york city birthday hug. let's see it.
8:09 am
>> we did do that offcamera. >> well, let's see it. >> will you tell josh we did do that offcamera? >> we did do that offcamera. >> you know what? it's not good morning offcamera. okay? >> that's the weather around the nation. >> all right. and we're live in times square. see if i can get it to work. lara? i'm going to do the morning menu on camera. here's a look at what's coming
8:10 am
up on our "gma morning menu." what a year it has been. we're looking forward to reliving the best moments of 2011 with you. just ahead. you do not want to miss it. plus, are you ready for some "steals and deals,"? last-minute christmas gifts at big discounts. and only for you, our "gma" viewers. and a "show me the money" you won't forget. a big check ahead for a mom and daughter. stay with us, everyone. ahead for a mom and daughter. stay with us, everyone. . ♪ ding dong ding, dong
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okay. get ready. the entire staff had a screening of our next piece yesterday afternoon. holiday cheer was flowing. "party rock" was on the stereo. only robin has seen it. none of us has seen it. here it is. it's good? all the fun. some of the flubs, from 2011. take a look. ♪ >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. ♪ >> want to give an official welcome to josh elliott. >> lara spencer's coming back home. >> i do think the "good morning america" delivery could use a little work. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america.
8:16 am
>> i'm a little turned around. i need to get to times square, the studio. >> times square. times square is that way. >> yeah. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> good morning. >> good. good. >> which way is times square? >> it's that way. >> good to see you. >> it is great. but no sense of direction at all. >> like a rock star. >> good morning. >> and squint. >> good morning, america. >> wow. >> want to show you the picture again. look at this on a treadmill. i'm sorry. >> what? >> hey. that's the worst intro i've ever had. george? george? is this it? is that it? >> sam champion's right behind you. >> yes. >> you know that? he's right there. >> giving you -- i'm working back here. >> this one? >> yep. >> am i in your shot? >> shaq himself tells us the story.
8:17 am
>> why do you keep doing this? >> i'm done. >> abc's jack taper. abc's jake tapper. what is up with your name in the last few days? >> it's very complicated. >> how is this job holding up for you? >> i'm doing okay. >> maps are broken. i don't know how that works. but that's what i'm told. imagine this. here's the eastern seaboard right here. >> this is elizabeth's cue. and let me tell you, with a flourish. ♪ >> oh, yeah. oh, wow. nice. >> oh, my gosh. >> scottie, work it out. scottie's working it out. >> "gq" has been calling for george. did you see this? yes. >> we have the --
8:18 am
>> the leggens for men. >> even in the control room. >> harriet potter. >> look how tyra looks in those. and then, look at me. it's like myrna from boca. hi. how are you? ♪ doo doo doo doo >> grover, you look very scholarly. >> thank you. thank you. you would not think that george's suits would fit me. >> we're going tv right now. >> how nice for you. i'm double-parked. >> pepe, you're from spain, correct? >> ci. >> do you speak espagnol? >> me amour. so much fun on "gma." >> morgan the scooter-riding pooch, the st. bernard and a
8:19 am
balancing phenom. well done. >> when you're teaching bear safety, you need somebody to play the bear. i don't feel like a bear right now. >> david wright, abc news, at the mulan panda research center. >> calls himself the world's cutest dog. >> can i hold this? okay. take it. >> here we go. >> hello, new jersey. we're all hanging out. i think we're going to have a little time. let's get the monitor lizard out. >> let him go down your shirt. >> let him go down my shirt? >> he loves you. >> i know. >> come on, jack. >> hopefully, we'll be right back. >> whoa. oh. >> come on. hang in there. woo. >> chopsticks. >> chopsticks. ♪ in your eyes
8:20 am
>> thanks for having me here. >> can you hold my hand? >> no. no. the moment has passed. >> i'm your biggest fan. but on the court, i'm going to take you down. are you ready? >> the penalty kick, what are they? >> score. >> and so close. >> let's go, robin. >> whoa. >> whoa. >> oh. >> oh, my goodness. >> yes. >> you have to crouch down. there you go. >> most importantly, how did our rear-ends look? >> fantastic. >> welcome to the team, rookie. and get in there. personally, i was looking for a sam champion. but josh looks more like a george stepping off of this. sam couldn't do it. robin couldn't do it.
8:21 am
and george really wouldn't do it. >> that's why you're here. ♪ >> it's busier than usual in the control room. >> magma. >> i can't do this video without you because we're going to kilauea. >> magma. >> exactly. >> the eruption of the kind. robin, george? >> go for it. >> magma. >> and you bring it around. >> you're not in three-inch heels right now. >> there he is. from "modern family." >> oh, no. >> sam, we're out of the shot. get us lower. >> woo hoo. >> no, no, no, no. i'm good. i'm good. >> hand-to-hand combat, never been so darn cute. >> hi-ya. hi-ya. >> smell that. >> you literally walked right into that. >> are you all right?
8:22 am
here we go. >> there it is. sam's got it. >> i'm so nervous. ♪ don't stop believing >> you have been sharing the milestones in your lives with us, in a segment that we love. it's called "your three words." >> we're going to take it a little farther today. a lot farther. >> "your three words," live. ♪ ♪ i got the pictures on my phone ♪ ♪ it's going to be a good life it's going to be a good life ♪ ♪ a good, good life [ cheers and applause ] >> people's sexiest man. could have been talking about
8:23 am
any of these three guys i'm going to come see. >> how about our cover girl here? cover of "prevention" magazine. >> it ain't this cover. >> a very special moment. >> yes, i do. will you marry me? >> oh, my god. yes. >> i love you. you're the girl of my dreams. and i want to spend the rest of my life with. will you marry me? >> yes. >> turn around. no. take a good look. >> oh, my god. >> will you marry me? >> yes. >> here with me, i have sarina, josh's little girl. >> if there's a baby in the audience, this man right here has his way. >> come here, buddy. >> there you go. >> yes. >> bringing josh in. >> i'm with you, buddy.
8:24 am
>> come on, sammy. >> come on, sammy. >> you have a wife, george? >> happy birthday, honey. i am fully clothed. ♪ >> with our new way, lady gaga. ♪ i'm on the right track, baby i was born this way ♪ ♪ we ain't stopping keep on dancing ♪ ♪ still the ♪ new york concrete jungle ♪ ♪ where dreams are made of there's nothing you can't do ♪ ♪ where the girls at girls at ♪ ♪ you love your love ♪ >> jennifer hudson.
8:25 am
>> brad paisley. >> beyonce. ♪ >> are you ready for our "party rock" halloween? [ cheers and applause ] >> george, as your alter ego? >> i'm wild about it. ♪ ♪ party rock is in the house tonight ♪ ♪ everybody just have a good time ♪ ♪ and we gonna make you lose your mind ♪ ♪ party rock is in the house tonight ♪ ♪ everybody just have a good time ♪ ♪ and we gonna make you lose your mind ♪ ♪ everybody just have a good time ♪ ♪ party rock is in the house tonight ♪ ♪ everybody just have a good time ♪
8:26 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> wow. >> oh, boy. >> there's a reason we're clapping. it's not for us. we have to thank sabrina farice and jeremy phillips. a fantastic job they did. thanks, guys. >> i had forgotten about 90% of that stuff. >> and thanks to everybody behind the scenes. we saw shots in the control room. people that really get this show on the air every day. >> each and every day. >> amazing. i have to tell you, what a great job this is. >> what a great job. what a great team. you know you're in the right place when you're excited to get up at 4:00 a.m. >> and you had to come back home this year. >> thank you for everything. thank you, guys, for watching this and being a part of it. >> been a great year. and we still have "deals and steals" ahead. >> more to come.
8:27 am
this morning a former employee of the warriors will file a suit against the team and guard monta ellis for sexual harassment. her attorney claims ellis sent a graphic picture to his client. the lawyer says his client was sexually harassed from november 2010 to january this year. the suit accuses the warriors of covering up for ellis. >> new and big is in the north bay. >> all lanes of southbound 101 approaching todd road are blocked of the six to seven car injury crash traffic slow at the scene. some crews still en route. thick fog across the benicia bridge. elsewhere traffic is light this morning.
8:28 am
minor wait at bay bridge toll. santa is on his way to cal train now. let's see what santa's weather is going to be like.
8:29 am
still dealing with tule fog in the east bay valleys and towards fairfield. everyone else doing well now. temperatures also come up into the upper 30s to low 40s on our way to low to mid 60s we may have mid to upper 50s in
8:30 am
the east bay because of that tule fog. [ cheers and applause ] big holiday crowd out in times square this morning. people have their santa hats on. new york is definitely in the christmas spirit right now. we're going to get into it this morning, with a little more "show me the money." this is one you won't forget. a mom and her daughter. they got a lot of cash. and we collected so much money for people. several hundred thousand dollars. >> it's a great feeling. you know what? i've put on a few lbs. and you know what? i don't care. i don't care. oh, please. it's that time of the year. but if you want a little of a makeover, we're taking all the favorite dishes from naughty to nice. cutting out the calories. from pumpkin pie to mac and cheese.
8:31 am
>> still tastes pretty good. lara, what do you got? >> let it rip. let's talk about presents. there are procrastinators out there. myself among them. and tory is here to help with "steals and deals" and stuff you can get in time, under the tree for the holidays. there's some rules. >> there's really important rules. since we are so close to christmas. first, it's while supplies last. for all of these, you have to go to on yahoo! because there's some cutoff times of when you have to order today. what you can order online and in stores, to have it under the tree in time. or if you have more time, when you get it after christmas. >> you're not playing around today. >> we're not playing around. >> i recognize these folks. >> you recognize these gorgeous folks. yes. >> my family. >> your husband, son and daughter. these are all from fedex office. and you can walk in with a print or your digital picture. or you can go online. you have the link at our website. you can upload your photo.
8:32 am
if you do all this today, it will be ready for you in time for pickup by saturday. 24/48 hours pickup. pickup at more than 1,800 fedex locations. all the details on the website. and check out the prices. this is one of the things i loved. the dry erase calendar. you have a special date in january. >> josh's birthday. you have a range. >> we usable. >> did you see my clip on there? sorry. >> these range between $40 and $80 regularly. but when you use the "gma" code, you're going to save 50%. and all of these different gifts, $20 to $40. you can't beat that. and again, totally in time for christmas. >> i love these. i'm smiling because they're cute. >> they are very cute. >> these pajamas. >> i love these pajamas. annie selke is the designer. they're bright, beautiful
8:33 am
patterns that are going to warm you up for winter and take you into spring. two different styles. sleeveless, with capri bottoms. or long sleeves and long pants. 12 different patterns you can choose from. five different sizes. a lot of selection on this one. regularly $75 for 100% cotton pajamas. you save 50%. $37.50. a again, a great selection. >> i love that people buy them for yourselves. it's a real treat. these are so delicious. >> oh, my gosh. it's a company that makes all these bracelets by hand in los angeles. we've got to love that. i had to fight my daughter to leave with my selection. yes. look at them all. i dare you to just choose one. they're so gorgeous. and priced right. they're designed so you can buy one or make your own stack. it's all about individuality and stacking the way it's going to look good for you. >> and that depends on the price. >> they're normally $40 to $70. loved by your friends, gwen
8:34 am
stefani, eva longoria, vanesssa hutchins. 55%. $18 to $35. and i love these. and for this, there is a cutoff time today. you have to go to to get these by christmas. vera bradley. one of my favorite all-time companies. the two co-founders are my small business heroes. this is an adorable product, the all-in-one pouch. and for this particular item, it's so cute for travel. or you can just pop it in your purse for makeup, jewelry, whatever it is on the go. and you can put this in your desk drawer. regularly, it is 28%. it's 50% off. you can buy it online with the link we give you. and you can have it shipped to you after christmas. or you can go into more than 3,300 retail stores. and we have the store locater also on and you can buy it today or online. >> and what's the percentage
8:35 am
off? >> 50% off. 19 bucks. last but not least. we have a selection of stuff. scottie is walking away. but he has to come back and get in here to show us off his jump rope skills. here he comes. sports authority. a selective -- did someone say no, no, no? yes, yes, yes. it's a selection of four different products from sports authority. >> go, scottie. >> we'll tell you the prices. $18 to $30. from sports authority. however, you will save 50% if you print out the coupon you can only find at $8 to $15 for a variety of yoga and fitness gear. >> the crowd is wild, tory. >> they love it. >> they're doing it for us. >> literally, you have hit it out of the park. >> you can go into a sports authority store today with a coupon we have on the "gma" website.
8:36 am
455 stores. or let them know you saw it on "gma." >> i don't know how you do it. >> tory, thank you. "steals and deals," all the details, there are some rules this time. go to our website. tory johnson, thank you. preventing so many people from getting in trouble this year. check out our website. let's go out to sam. sam, i can't decide if i should get you the foam roller or the exercise ball. >> how about the bracelet? >> the bracelet because of my niece -- i can't do that on tv, can i? >> no. >> no. now, everybody know -- my niece, you are not getting the bracelets. i have to be honest, lara and tory. the deals are great. but this audience is even better. josh -- because josh was making them all scream every time tory had a big deal on. >> they're huge deals. >> this audience, we were trying to interrupt the show. and they were amazing.
8:37 am
they were scream-worthy deals. >> let's find out. >> so, guys, where are you from? >> texas. >> and we love new york. >> your first time to the show? what do you think? >> i've been here every time. i love it. >> we just saw the year-ender. what did you think of the year here on "good morning america"? >> the year has been wonderful. i watch it every morning. it is fabulous. >> apparently, sam has ten seconds for weather. what's happening? >> thank you, man, very much. thank you. let's get to the boards. one or two things we want you to know before you head into the holiday weekend. new jersey and san francisco, holiday lights are still coming in. you just got what? today's wednesday. you have two more days to get those holiday lights done so we can put them up on twitter and facebook for you. here's the maps. winter begins overnight tonight. it's officially 12:30 eastern daylight time. are we in daylight time on the east coast? indeed, we are. that's when winter -- standard? or daylight? >> you're the expert.
8:38 am
>> don't do that to me because i don't know. >> wait a minute. hand me that. hand me that. i'm supposed to say this? is this really true? all that weather is brought to you by massage envy. lara? >> ooh, wow. thank you, sam. and coming up, an unforgettable "show me the money." could you have unclaimed cash coming your way? find out on "good morning america." ab
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8:41 am
"show me the money" time.
8:42 am
there it is. all year long, we've been telling you how to find unclaimed money and have gotten great results. so far, presented checks that total $418,598. and elisabeth leamy is back with another big one. hey, eli. >> george, that's right. what are the odds that mother and daughter living under the same roof would both be owed unclaimed money? well, it's all true. and we have the pleasure of being there, letting the treasurer of west virginia deliver the good news and the money, just in time for christmas. it's 6:30 in the morning. not even light out yet. but we're here extra early to make sure we can bring the surprise before the workday begins. the house is right up there. west virginia state treasurer, john purdue, and his team, were willing to get here in the wee hours because this is the case that will put them over the $100
8:43 am
million mark of unclaimed money returned to citizens. hello there. >> state treasurer. >> reporter: melissa and her daughter, theresa, come from a family of educators. and we're excited to be bearing big checks for them because you don't get rich works as a teacher. when you saw your two names in there, what did you think? >> i just couldn't believe it. >> reporter: since she was a baby, theresa was almost destined to work in schools, since it's practically the family business. sure enough, she teaches p.e. she saw her on the list in the paper. but she didn't believe it was for real. now, we're about to show her it was. and show her the money. >> on behalf of the state of west virginia, i'd like to present you with some unclaimed property we found for you. $1,051.93.
8:44 am
>> all right. >> reporter: how about that, huh? the money is from a deed that she put her savings in but never collected. like mother, like daughter. it turns out melissa did the same thing. when the bank was bought, the money ended up here, in the west virginia unclaimed money program. how does it feel to get over the $100 million mark? >> i never dreamed we would be returning that kind of money to the people of the state of west virginia. >> reporter: next, we show the money to melissa. she is retired now. she has no idea how much money is coming. but already knows how she wants to spend it, on education, of course. college funds for he nieces and nephews. finally, it's time. all right. i'm helping out with this one. and just to make it fun, we're going to spring you along for a minute. okay? let's see what this digit says.
8:45 am
1. okay. okay. well, actually, this is 81 cents. i see a dot there. $4.81. at least $4.81. $24.81. ooh. can't wait to see what this next digit is. $124.81. $5,124.81. what do you think? wait a minute, john. there's another piece of paper here. did you notice that, ladies? there's another piece of paper. $15,124.81. fittingly, their example is educational for the rest of us. it is great to sock money away into something like a cd. but it's important to keep track of when that investment stops earning interest. at this point, it's not doing
8:46 am
you any good. melissa and theresa could have reinvested the funds years ago before they were lost and made even more money. also, to keep your accounts from being sent to unclaimed property in the first place, make some kind of move in them at least once a year. whether it's a deposit, withdrawal or a balance inquiry, george. >> makes sense. this grand total is something. $434,775. grand total right now. we want everybody at home to see if there's any money waiting for them. check out our complete unclaimed money good on on yahoo! coming memememememememememep
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8:49 am
countdown to christmas, by helping you keep your calorie count down this season. it's hard to resist some of your favorite holiday treats. harley pasternak, from the hit show, "the revolution," joins us with low-calorie versions. you can indulge without the worry. i know it's going to be a hit show. >> thanks for having us as part of the family. january 16th. nice to be here on "gma." let's start off. this time of year, we're vulnerable. >> absolutely. >> holiday season. we like to indulge. and we have a few things that we can find healthier versions of. the first, is tostitos creamy spinach dip. have you had it before? >> i have. >> it doubles as a moisturizing lotion. i'm telling you. it's so rich. it has 66 grams of fat per serving. now, you're over 1,000 calories with those chips. it's equivalent to 100 cups of spinach.
8:50 am
and i've never had spinach that was so heavy to lift. i have a healthier version here that's half the calories. it's delicious. artichoke hearts in it. fat-free sour cream. i serve it with cut vegetables. >> should i try it? >> please. >> tell the truth. is it all right? >> it's all right. >> it's all right. all right. now, we have starbucks eggnog latte. this eggnog latte has over 600 calories, 30 grams of fat. it's the equivalent of 48 ounces of skim milk and a gallon of coffee. we're going to make the largest latte ever. are you ready? >> yeah. >> this giant bowl has the same amount of calories as that one eggnog latte. >> are you serious? >> yes. keep going. keep going. going. >> this is good tv.
8:51 am
>> isn't that crazy? i have a healthy version that i made that has only 190 calories. one-third the calories. and look at that. simple, delicious. great. >> now, the shake here. you know that's loaded. >> that is. that's a cold stone creamery creme demint. that has over 1,000 calories, that little thing here. that's the equivalent of 90 candy canes. anyone want a candy cane? here you go. i'm being hygienic. here you go. you can have the whole tree. >> harley, josh. >> nice to meet you. >> what would we do instead? >> instead of that, i took fat-free vanilla frozen yogurt. and added three of these candy canes and you get the same thing. >> it looks really good. >> mac and cheese. >> who doesn't love mac and cheese? >> anytime of year. >> anytime of year. the box has over 1,000 calories in it. not acceptable. it's the equivalent of 40 cups of popcorn. >> these visuals really help
8:52 am
people to understand. >> i'd rather have the 40 cups of popcorn. and i made a healthier version where i took whole grain macaroni. and i added the packet. the packet that comes in with cheese, is mainly whey protein. it's healthy. and i added some skim milk. and you have macaroni and cheese without all of the calories. it has less than half the calories. >> we've been really good. we get a dessert, harley. >> you get a dessert. someone's been in here. cheesecake factory, pumpkin pie. >> some of us think it's delicious. we wanted to taste it. >> would you believe 22 cups of pumpkin puree, in 1 slice. >> that slice that was eaten by someone. >> here we go, to deconstruct it. it has less than half the calories. >> i love it. >> you need the crunch, too. the crust.
8:53 am
>> it's really great. >> i love it. >> they do -- >> it is very good. no. okay. mm. >> this is good. very good. >> you can find the recipes for these low-cal treats on on yahoo! "the revolution" january 16th. we'll be right back. these low-calc treats
8:54 am
8:55 am
bye, guys.
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is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868.
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good morning. it is a spare the air day. let's talk to make about it. >> the worst air quality now in vallejo probably in the north bay valleys during the afternoon all of us under the spare the air umbrella no ing of wood until at least midnight. tule fog east bay going to keep if you the mid to upper 50s most of us low to mid 60s. tonight widespread 20s inland and 30s around the bay shore and out to the coast. dry through monday. chance of rain tuesday and wednesday next week. the hot spot sought 101 because of earlier -- injury accident near todd road. heavy traffic remains. pretty good at the bay bridge


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